Real comfort is in simplicityに。 


When you can be free in a space with plenty of space, life begins to move and breathe naturally.す。

A simple shape with a sense of liberation born from natural materials and supple handwork形。


Leave yourself to the simplicity you have nowね、
It is in enjoying the rich sensibilities that naturally overflow
There may be the beginning of true comfort。


Shoes are a living tool that supports your feet every day道具。
Living with things that you can comfortably share with、
I hope that you will fill your days little by little.。


All Duckfeet leather is finished by tanning with plants. Living traces such as uneven color and scratches appear naturally on the surface. Duckfeet is simple but the same thing cannot be created. We believe that the lifestyle of the wearer will be engraved and the unique taste and color will deepen in such a space.たちは捉えています。  


We don't keep pursuing anything, we simply value Duckfeet as Duckfeet itself.います。




Local production for local consumption

The leather material is used within Europe, from the habitat of the animals used to the tanning and manufacturing.います。 

Manufactured in a Polish workshop famous for its historic shoe production since the 1980s.工房とAfter many years of interaction and deep relationships of trustにWe make shoes together The same relationship of trust with all our business partners supports a pair of shoes.ます。 


|With sustainability

We face the sustainability of the materials and production head-on, and are there any excessive burdens on the growing environment of the animals and the working environment of the members involved?いないか、I'm always conscious of how it should be。 

We pay attention to the sustainability of all the material production we handle.す。 


|Pure natural material as it is

All Duckfeet soles are made from durable leather and natural crepe sole raw rubber and are free of any synthetic materials.ません。 





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