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Located in Scandinavia in northern Europe、Norway borders north and Germany borders south接The land is a small island consisting of a peninsula and 407 that juts out into the North Sea of Denmark.です。 

The area is about 43,000 square kilometers, which is almost the same as Kyushu, and the population is 5.81 million, which is the same as Hyogo prefecture. Denmark facing from Japan is very small.ります。 

There are historic buildings such as people's prayer places and old castles scattered in the abundant nature, and in the city you can see modern architecture with sophisticated design in the old cityscape.れます。

Moriko Wetland Coast、海岸、Ocean・・・ The vast nature that covers the flat land is always close to people, and folk tales and fairy tales that many fairies live in are spun from their lives. People enjoy their days while cherishing the environment and culture rooted in the land. Living with the spirit of HYGGE共に暮らしています。 



Live in HYGGE 

 Invisible to the Danish people who have been selected as the happiest people in the world for the third consecutive year(ヒュッゲ)」This is the spirit ofは、「Clear local language for something like cozy and cozy確なThere is no definition and it is easy to understandす。Warm tea with friends A dining table surrounded by peace of mind A night to relax alone under a gentle lightす夜-。HYGGEThe way of spending is all about each person's mind and body being in deep relaxation and peace.です 


A society in which individuals improve the quality of life会 

Working for the Danish people」はPart of daily life Flextime system, gender equality childcare leave system, enhancement of childcare facilities, etc.など、Balance the entire life while each individual chooses their priorities and allocationsスをSelfVarious systems and social support are in place so that you can get it.す。 

It is said that such a social system fosters people's awareness of improving their own quality of life and maintains a high standard of living.ています。





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