Daily allowance


It is recommended to apply a small amount of leather conditioner or shoe cream on a regular basis for long-term use. After application, leave it for a few minutes to allow the cream to settle and then polish it with a soft cloth. When you wear it, you can keep the shape of the heel for a long time by using a shoehorn.が出来ます。


|Moisture care

Store in a dry and well-ventilated place. When it gets damp, roll up the newspaper and let it air dry. When it is completely dry, you can apply a thin layer of leather conditioner or shoe cream. Leather shoes are heated directly. Please do not hit the machineないで下さい(After drying, it becomes a porous state with small bubbles.)。If there are water marks, use a cloth to quickly moisten the entire shoe and then perform the same care.さい。 

 Change your shoes every day and take a rest. It is important to dry the water of your feet for a long time.トです。 

|Dirt care

If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a damp cloth. After it has dried thoroughly, apply a thin coat of leather conditioner or shoe cream. connectに繋がります。 

Natural crepe sole cures at low temperatures, so it is recommended to store it indoors at 20-25.ます。If it hardens, put it back in a warm room until it becomes soft.い。Solvent Alcohol thinner If you touch benzine, etc., it may dissolve, so please keep away from contact.保管下さい。