• Leather of the upper (instep) of shoes

Made from tough, tough cowhide tanned with a mixture of vegetable tannins and chrome. (Made in Germany)

  • Sandals leather

  Vegetable tannin tanned cowhide (from Poland)

  • Heel insoles (heel part) of shoesMid sole

  Vegetable tannin tanned cowhide (made in Germany)

  • Bag leather

  Vegetable tannin tanned cowhide (Belgian)

  • Belt leather

  Vegetable tannin tanned cowhide (made in Germany) 

Shoe sole

      Using natural rubber collected in the tropics,In europeIt is processed into the sole. 


      100% European wool is used for winter boots and shoes. 



      Duckfeet uses "terracare® leather" produced by Hinenn of Germany to maximize the environmental consideration, high-quality leather produced by David Oehler, and tanned leather made of vegetable tannin from Poland, depending on the application and parts. I use it properly. 

      Among them, "terracare® leather" used in shoes is produced with the utmost consideration for the environment and with minimal resource consumption.


      [What is terracare® leather]

        ◉ Reduce CO2 emissions by 30%

      Electricity is produced in-house or purchased from renewable energy sources, and as a result, the skin is manufactured with CO2 emissions that are more than 30% less than normal (of the general peers). 

      Over 97% recycling / recovery

      We utilize or recycle over 97% of all by-products generated during manufacturing. By-products are mainly It can be used for the production of biogas, compost, small leather goods, and gelatin.

      40% reduction in water consumption

      In general, the rawhide that is the raw material is usually "It is "salted" and transported and stored. Although these treatments are intended to prevent spoilage, they require a huge amount of water to clean the salt, which can be an environmental burden. At Hinenn, mainlyThoroughly procure materials from neighboring areas in Japan, without salting,We use only rawhide that can be kept fresh by "cooling" transportation. In this way, we have reduced the use of enormous amounts of water for cleaning, and have achieved leather production with more than 40% less water than usual. Furthermore,Incorporating the water purification function of the latest technology, the used water is returned to the natural water cycle.

      100% clean auxiliary material

      terracare® leather uses only REACH certified auxiliary materials at the time of manufacture (REACH = chemical registration, evaluation, approval, and restriction). The handling of chemical substances is handled with far stricter standards than legal regulations.

      100% transparentProcurement

      95% of the raw materials are sourced from Germany and 5% from Europe. The full transparency of its origin is always visible via the QR code and the terracare® app on the leather processor.


      The leather carried in this way is made into "leather" as a material through a number of manual processes such as "tanning" and dyeing. 

      Generally for the tanning processThere are two stages, "initial tanning" and "re-tanning", The following "tanning agents" are used respectively.  

      ・ Vegetable (chestnut, etc.) 
      ・ Synthetic agent (aldehyde) 
      ・ Heavy metals (chrome, zirconium, aluminum) 

      At duckfeetThe following three types of leather are used according to the purpose. 

       A. Combination tanning leather
        Initial tanning: chrome
        Retanned: Vegetable
        Use: Upper (excluding "bio" color)

       B. Vegetable tanning leather
        Initial tanning: Synthetic agent
        Use: Upper (excluding "bio" color)

       C. Vegetable tanning leather
        Initial tanning:
        Use: Mid sole


       As of August 2020, we are considering a new tanning method that uses aluminum as the tanning material. 



      Benefiting from animals

      The skin is a part of life as long as we are. duckfeet uses only the skin, which is a by-product of "edible cows" that would be discarded if it was not used. They are allCertified by oeko-tex (Swiss quality control company), healthy without being given hormones or fertilizersWe have confirmed that the life was raised in the growing environment.

      I grew up healthy in the land at my feetDuckfeet proposes a circulating lifestyle in which humans live with animals and plants as part of nature by maximizing all environmental impacts, including energy costs associated with transportation, by making good use of blessings. I will.




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