1975 Northern Europe is DenmarkクLocated in the southSkærbækWiechmann and his wife in the land of妻( Inga and Claus)Was born by Duckfeet。

Since then, we have continued to operate in a small size, and we have produced from design based on simplicity and honesty.から生産UntilIn the neighboring areas of Denmark and Europe。 

Born at the time of establishmentThe design of the two models Jylland Sjællandのデザインは、It's still the same. Shoe making with the same wooden pattern and pattern has been handed down to this day while maintaining simplicity.います。 



Skærbæk, the birthplace of DuckfeetThere was originally a life of women who were good at sewing in this land. The production of shoes by Mr. and Mrs. Wiechmann in this land was also a natural effort to learn from the culture and customs rooted in the land.ありました。

1970s、SkærbækIn the midst of developing as one of Denmark's leading shoe production bases、Until then, I've been sewing in my houseWomen gradually in townのI will gather at the workshop and be involved in the production of shoesす。



At the time of its founding, Duckfeet's natural foot shape using full grain leather自然な足型のShoes were in the spotlight。 Duckfeet was born in this way in the early 197080s.前半Loved by many people, especially in Denmark and Germanyれ、The shoes in the shape of a foot「 Entenschuhe Spread with the nickname "duck shoes" in Germanました。 

However, as the fashion trend changes, duck shoes made in Denmark will face a difficult situation in the 1980s. D that has continued to make shoes with the same leather and high craftsmanshipりを貫いたDuckfeet、The loyal users were able to continue production without interruption.す。

There was always an iconic yellow duck paw mark with a red and white Danish flagした。 

Later, after moving the production base from Denmark to Poland, PolandンドWe have built a deep relationship of trust with the craftsmen of the traditional shoe studio ofす。 


*Full-grain full-grain leather Because it does not have a natural leather finish that only points to the outermost part of the leather and removes the hair.えていないため、It is a leather material that is close to the most natural state.。Natural leather, which is left without hiding or removing living traces such as scratches and wrinkles, is also known for its high quality fibrous structure and high durability.います。 



We will continue to create simple things with respectも。

In 2004, management was handed over from the couple Inga and Claus to Vibeke Dissing.ました。

It was a great pleasure for her to be entrusted with the production of Duckfeet by the couple while maintaining unwavering quality and design.した。 

"Keep it simplenot, stupid."  
「Be simple」 

We, who are now with her, are delivering Duckfeet to the people of the world with sympathy for the way it is passed down over time.います。    



Message from Vibeke Dissing

VibekeDissingDuck feetAs an ownerI'm proud to have been associated with youす。

Danish Wiehmann couple in 1975婦(Klaus and Inga)The same year that Duck Feet was born、First by their handsA pair was bornた   In order to deliver high-quality shoes that imitate the natural foot shape of natural materials to people of all ages, we have been sticking to the reliable technology of craftsmen and Danish-born designs since the beginning of our founding. I wentきました。

We are responsible for the way we are as producers of this era. We carefully select materials that meet the highest standards possible, and one of them is tanned leather by terracare, which realizes strict environmental and social considerations. terracare Leather is the most eco-friendly material we can get right nowンドリーな素材です。

Duck Feet will continue to work sustainably and responsibly to provide the best way for the planet and the people who wear our shoes to walk together.っていきます。

 We are still a small company in Denmark but a good partner in Australia, USA, China, Japan and countries near EuropeきパートナーAre delivering duck feet to various placesす。

I hope you will love Duck Feet through your life with our products, and that's how a simple and irreplaceable pair is born.のですから。

I believe that this shoe can take your new step to your own path with the comfort that you can experience with your whole body.います。 



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